Monday, 30 December 2013

Industrial Style Inspiration

I hope you had an amazing Christmas. I certainly ate waaaaay too much food, but had a wonderful time reconnecting with my family who live hours away from me. Whilst visiting the gorgeous city of Geelong we made a stop at the newly opened Little Creatures Brewery. It was a brilliant example of industrial styling and I couldn't help but share with you. Originally the old textile mills, the building has been completed transformed into a brewery and beer hall canteen.

Coincidentally my grandfather worked in these mills when he first arrived in Australia, so its new lease on life held particular interest for my family.

As you entered the premises you were welcomed by security and asked to "follow the yellow brick road" - a nice touch!

This is the first glimpse of the brewery. When we were there the sun was out, umbrellas were up and the place was buzzing. Loving the multi-colour Tolix chairs and the bunting. The "little creatures" are catered for too with a sandpit.

via Timeout

There were amazing spaces everywhere you looked, like this recycled pallet garden bed with the lime tree in full fruit...
Or this amazing weathered copper vessel - presumably used in the beer brewing precess (I apologise, I love drinking the stuff, but have no idea about how to make it). Its the perfect backdrop for the reclaimed timber trestle table and the casual stools...

Rusted basket planters as a vertical garden - genius!

And inside didn't disappoint either. It was exposed beams, whitewashed brick walls, low hanging enamel light fixtures and huge beer hall tables that just invited conversation. I loved this cleaver use of an old shipping container and of course the polished concrete floors. But in order to ensure the industrial look wasn't too cliched, pops of colour and various indoor planters were introduced for interest and fun. This casual type of styling is perfect for a beer hall and is something I've seen done really well in Melbourne and Sydney and of course in the home of beer halls - Munich.

And did I forget to mention one very important detail... the beer was pretty good too!

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