Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Starting from the Start

Well it seems I was a little over excited about the prospect of getting our new patio, that I forgot to give you some of the gory background details about our house. We built (or should I say our builders built) our home nearly two years ago and we have been completing projects here and there when time and money permit, both of which have been sorely lacking.

My man and I have had previous experience renovating properties so we thought a new build would be a piece of cake. We wouldn't need to worry about uneven walls, unworkable room dimensions or dreaded demolition, but what we have encountered are a whole new raft of "challenges" that come with a new house build. Yes we have the floor plan of our dreams, new appliances and a completely blank canvas, but our poor house has no soul!

One of the biggest things we underestimated was the impact a lack of garden or landscaping has on the overall appeal of a house. At the moment we don't even have grass, so I'll give you a peak at the kind of garden elements I drool over and one day hope to have as my own.

We have half an acre to landscape so we have to think on a big scale.

Symmetry and a green on green pallet are a must.

Don't even get me started on the romantisism of a vine covered pergola. 

Perhaps a sculpural element to add to the mix?

And a splash of white to add some interest.

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