Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I Promise I've Been Busy

Well it may not seem like I've been very busy over these last couple of days, what with the lack of posts and all, but for those of you have visited me previously you will see that I now have a new blog template - and isn't it pretty. I reasoned that if I was going to be talking about style and decorating, I had to get my own spaces looking fantastic first.

I kept with the same colour scheme which happens to be my favourite colour combo of Duck Egg Blue, Gold, Grey and lots and lots of White. When I start showing you bits and pieces of my home you will see that I don't stray too far from these colours when it comes to styling my own home. But what I have done for this blog is modernise and de-clutter the look a bit so that what you're reading is the focus, rather than all the background noise.

So what attracts us to certain colours? I know when choosing a colour palette for something as personal as your own home, the decision can be somewhat emotional. Because lets face it, your stuck staring at those wall colours or those floor tiles on a daily basis.

On a subconscious level colours can have an effect on our mood. They can calm, invigorate or even insight passion! Lets have a quick look at some of the different attributes of colours.

Reliable, balanced, organised and practical. They work by evoking a sense of stability.

Passionate, strong, energetic, exciting, powerful and even aggressive.

Young, vigorous, relaxing, safe, hopeful and "apparently" makes you inclined to eat less - hence the green colour scheme at Sizzler. This one could just be an old wives tale!

Reassuring, uplifting, tranquil, intelligent and loyal, but sometimes cold and sad.

Joyful, optimistic, attention-grabbing, radiant and uplifting, but overdone can be somewhat overwhelming.

Elegant, sensual, spiritual, mysterious, magical as well as a little decadent (evidenced by all the chocolate companies choosing this colour for their wrappers!

I find colour psychology fascinating and its definitely something to consider when deciding on your colour scheme. Do you have a particular colour you're drawn to?

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