Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Natural Lavender Baby Shampoo


I have a new baby and I'm always astounded by the ingredients the large pharmaceutical companies get away with putting in their baby products. I always try to buy organic or as natural as possible for little miss, but unfortunately these products tend to carry with them a hefty price tag. So when I stumbled upon this super easy recipe over at My Merry Messy Life I thought it was definitely worth a try.

You will only need three ingredients for the shampoo; water, Dr Bronner's Castille Soap and a pure essential oil of your choice. I decided on lavender for its calming properties and it smells pretty fabulous too! I was able to find the Dr Bronner's soap at my local health food store, but its also available online.

The bottle I chose was simply one I had ready to recycle. In its previous life it held a natural hand soap so I was pretty confident there wouldn't be any nasty residual chemicals. I gave it a thorough wash to be sure.

Simply add 1/3 cup (80ml) of the Castille soap to a 500ml bottle and fill the remainder (slowly) with water. Then add one drop of essential oil. Just a note that the oil will eventually break down the plastic bottle, so its worth investing in a glass one.
This recipe isn't "no-tears" so you will need to be careful not to get into your little one's eyes when bathing. Always remember to shake the bottle slightly before use to ensure an even distribution of soap throughout the liquid.
I then decided to make a decorative label for the shampoo so that it can be given as a baby shower gift or is easily identifiable in the bathroom cabinet. My go-to site for free printable graphics is the Graphics Fairy and you can find the blank label I started with here. I then added a pretty heading, the ingredients listing and the "no-tears" warning and hey-presto, one beautiful bottle of all-natural baby shampoo!
Such a simple recipe with such a great result - try it for yourself these holidays.


  1. I want to try this! I'm also frequently dizzied by what is allowed in beauty and hygiene products. Our poor little girl has super dry skin, so something natural like this might be just what she needs. :) Cute label, too!

    1. Thanks Erin! Its beyond belief how they can put such damaging ingredients into baby products.