Friday, 10 January 2014

The Deal with Teal

My beautiful mum is here visiting us for the long weekend and mentioned that she would like to re-do one of the bedrooms at her house as a guest bedroom. Coming up with a colour scheme is the first point of business for her and something I jumped at the chance to discuss and help out with. My mum is far more adventurous in the colour department than I am and already has one of the walls painted a dark teal colour. The room she is transforming is quite large by modern Australian house standards so is more than capable of pulling off the dark colour on one wall. However, in order to make the room feel like it belongs to the rest of the house the remaining walls will be kept in a much lighter shade and Ive suggested adding a pop of contrast colour to the mix for some fun.

Trying to find a suitable accent with a colour as strong as dark teal can be difficult. Too much additional colour and the place will look like a circus, to little and it will just look like a big dominant teal wall.

So, Ive put together some inspiration to see what colours can happily co-exist with a dark teal wall.

via Marie Claire Maison

Teal and fuschia - not for the faint hearted. This pic actually draws on the jewel tone trend grouping colours that resemble well known gemstones. With a high level of colour saturation, this look is very dynamic and distinctive.

(source unknown via Pinterest)

Teal and chartreuse - a look I could live with at my house. The bright greens and blues with plenty of white makes the teal feel bright and lively rather than oppressive.

(source unknown via Pinterest)

Another teal and green combination, but this one has the addition of gold. The gold adds a regal touch to this room and paired with the fireplace mantle and wing back chair, shows that the dark teal can be used successfully in a formal setting.

Teal with neutrals - a classic combination. The fantastic stencilled feature wall helps harmonise the dark teal with the light and bright neutrals. The addition of this wall means that teal can be used sparingly throughout the rest of the room.

Teal and orange another bold choice. My mum actually has orange as an accent colour in other parts of her home so maybe this one could work - albeit in a much more subdued way.

Teal and ruby red. I love this look. I wouldn't have it in my house because it would look so completely out of place, but the styling in this pic is so effortlessly eclectic. An amazing mix of traditional and modern furniture. Gorgeous!

I'll keep you posted on the progress of mum's guest bedroom. It might be a little while, we have to wait for my little brother to move out!!!, but its fun to get the creative thinking hat on all the same.

So which colour combination do you like the best? Are you brave enough to have a dark teal wall in your home somewhere?


  1. Hi Jo. I love the feel in the third pic with the fireplace and I like the raspberry accents in the final pic. I am nowhere near brave enough to have a teal wall in my home. I'd struggle with a teal cushion! Not that there's anything wrong with teal. I'm just a total colour coward. I like the idea of white and mustard/gold/rust I think.

    1. I'm exactly the same Kristine - my house is full of neutrals. I'm just lucky that my mum is willing for me to experiment at her house!