Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hanging Around

When I think of wall hangings, over-sized tapestry scenes, castles and grandma's cross-stitch are all images that come to mind, but it seems the old fashioned wall hanging has been given a new lease on life with some fabulous contemporary designs emerging.

The modern wall hanging is fast becoming the artwork of choice for many, adding texture and warmth to a room. This style of artwork can work well with a vast array of different styles from bohemian, to country as well as thoroughly modern spaces.

These calming tones and textures would look at home in any beach house

Mixing with the geometric trend is a winning combination

Its a fantastic way to bring some fun to your child's room

(via Jason Busch [photography] and Megan Morton [Styling])

And can work equally as well in a printed format

(via Uncovet)

This mixed media wall hanging is a statement piece to rival any painting

(via Tsurubride)

And even the macrame of 70's fame has been given a makeover

(via Himoart)

But the thing that is most interesting to me is how achievable this style of artwork is for the DIY-er. Check out this amazing example below over at Decor8.

So what do you think about this micro-trend? Is a wall hanging something you would consider for one of your rooms?

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